“It’s all making sense now” – Reactions trail old video of Christy O and Kess amid alleged affair (Watch)

An old video featuring Kess, a popular BBNaija star, and his co-star Christy O has ignited a firestorm of controversy on social media.

The video, which depicts the two reality TV personalities in a playful skit, has led to accusations of an alleged affair between the two, vehemently denied by Kess and complicated further by counter-accusations of theft.

The scandal erupted after Kess’s wife, Angel, took to the internet to accuse her husband of having an extramarital affair with Christy O, a fellow contestant from the BBNaija ‘Level Up’ season.

While Kess has vehemently denied these allegations, the situation has escalated with both parties trading accusations and counter-accusations in a public and highly scrutinized feud.

The controversial video, which surfaced on various social media platforms, shows Kess and Christy O collaborating on a skit in which they play the roles of a boyfriend and girlfriend.

This content, seemingly innocent at first glance, has fueled speculation and gossip among netizens.

Many have begun to connect the dots between the on-screen chemistry displayed in the video and the allegations of an off-screen affair.

Social media has been buzzing with reactions to the video, with users sharing their opinions on the unfolding drama.

Some have expressed concerns that the video provides circumstantial evidence of a deeper connection between Kess and Christy O.

Others, however, believe that it might be a case of coincidental acting chemistry being misconstrued as evidence of an affair.

Angel, Kess’s wife, has not backed down from her initial accusations and has made further clarifications regarding her claims.

Netizens Reactions…

@bervelynnnn said: “It’s all making sense now 🤣🤣 understanding side chick”

@owusuivy stated: “😹😹😹 see them looking like two hungry kids😹😹”

@hardebeamphe wrote: “After collecting tony🤣…how is it not for garri? Or eba?🤣”

@Evangel141 opined: “Art imitating life.”

@gbemi_tips said: “Now it makes sense 🤣🤣

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