“It’s a very bad sign” – Video as two snakes erupted from the grave while trying to bury the dead (Watch)

Interent users have been left in a freezing state following a video that surfaced online where the grave erupted two snakes while trying the bury the dead body inside it.

In the video making the rounds on the photo and video sharing platfrom, Instagram the grave has been digged to a 6 fit down in preparation for it to accomadate the dead body.

However, people who brought the casket containing the dead body during the burial process were left in a speechless state after the found out that two snakes were already laid in the grave.

The video has started generating several reactions from netizens based on religious believe and diverse culture of the people.

According to some, it is a very bad sign as they calimed that the dead person must have been a very wicked person and also committed great offense while on earth, others said that the deceased was killed and his enemies are still around.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

cruisequeenaytd7: Well, it goes two ways…..Is either the deceased is wicked or enemy wey kill him is among around there, Snake will appear.

rain_omalicha: It’s actually a bad sign.

dullahyaro: If it’s actually true, in Islam that’s a very bad sign , Astagafirullah.

khaymanofficial: The snake mistakenly crawl enter the hole , and there is no way for it to move out from there , that’s why dem still meet am there , you think say snake geh patient like that ?

natashabankz7: If it was other colors of snake 🐍 i will say it Accidentally fell in the grave,But BLACK snake? No bro,that BAAhhhhhhD

mege1028: Graves are usually dug same day, hours before casket is lowered, and people are usually around the freshly dug grave…. Are you telling me no one saw the snake craw out of nowhere into the grave? My best bet is someone threw that snake inside the grave…. And prolly wants to cash out by saying they will need money to perform some spiritual rights/cleansing.

adewale_rubber: Snake fit just dey waka fall inside….Una don come with Africa superstition.

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