Italian football legend, Andrea Pirlo sues lookalike who pretended to be him for 2-years to get free designer clothes


Italian football legend, Andrea Pirlo has reportedly sued a man who pretended to be him for two years in order to receive free designer clothes and jewellery.

The man, identified as 48-year-old former goldsmith Alessandro Palazzolo of Valenza, has been sued for fraud after being recognised by Turin police in Italy.

Investigations into the fraud case began when the former Juventus and AC Milan midfielder filed a lawsuit after repeatedly being asked to repay debts he had no idea about.

According to Gazzetto della Sport, police enquiries uncovered Palazzolo had deceived shopkeepers in Turin, Brescia, and Naples, asking for discounts and favours and working with an accomplice who would take expensive clothes and jewellery for free.

The publication also claimed that the man also tried to obtain ‘facilitated medical examinations’ by contacting the ex-footballers doctor.

Authorities in Turin recently apprehended the identity thief and his accomplice by tracing telephone calls and gaining testimonies from traders.