‘It will be a bit difficult for me’ – Iyabo Ojo analyzes Lagos State governorship candidates

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has disclosed that it will be a bit difficult for her to decide who to vote for among the governorship candidates in Lagos State.

The mother of two who strongly supported Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Obi during the presidential election took to her Instagram page to analyze the three governorship candidates in Lagos State.

Analyzing Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the sitting governor and candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Iyabo Ojo said APC has never been one she chooses; however, she has no issues with Sanwo-Olu’s achievements. Although Iyabo noted that she can’t get past the outcome of the 2020 End SARS protest which claimed the lives of protesters. She said that Sanwo-Olu could have done better.

On the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Iyabo said if she were to put sentiments aside, she would throw her support behind her colleague and friend, Funke Akindele; however, she must look beyond emotions and won’t make a fair judgement.

Speaking on Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour,, the Labour Party’s candidate, Iaybo said she has observed his dreams of taking over leadership in Lagos which seem to be promising, she can’t ignore the conflicting reports that have sprung up about his experience and social belief.

She wrote: “This upcoming Lagos State gubernatorial elections…. hmmm. 🤔e go hard me small. My Take

“1. APC: Though this party has never been my prerogative, but give it to Mr Sanwoolu, I have no issues with his achievements and his government. What I find hazy and can’t shake off is how the unfortunate endsars saga played out. I maintain he should have done better.

“2. PDP: If I were to be sentimental, I would take back my words & certainly pitch with my dear friend Funke, but i must see beyond emotions. so I am unable to make a fair judgment.

“3. LP: I have watched closely this young man’s dream to take on the mantle of leadership of our dearly beloved state. Whilst he has a promising resume, one can not overlook the number of conflicting reports on his pedigree and experience…..🤔”

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