It was Kelis who abused Nas while they were married – Eyewitnesss


Few days ago singer Kelis granted an interview stating that while she was married to rapper Nas, she was being abused.

Kelis in the interview with Hollywood Unlocked stated that the marriage was an abusive one as she was sometimes covered in bruises.

“We were drinking too much, smoking too much. We were too much. It was all too much.”

The interviewer then asked: “So what you say verbal and physical abuse, [Nas] would hit you?”

And Kelis replied: “We would fight. I never just sat there, but we would definitely fight.”

A man who w0rked at an Atlanta restaurant near Nas and Kelis home, who knew the couple has taken to IG to state that Kelis is lying as she was the one who was abusing Nas.

@SothSideGaClay tweeted: “They used to come to a restaurant I worked at.. we used to see her screaming at Nas, slapping him in his head etc and he just try to be calm, apologizing to the staff about her. If anything, she’s the abusive one.”


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