“It shouldn’t come to this” – Reactions as employer vows to sack two staff from a particular tribe

A businessman angry over the events that unfolded during the governorship election is set to sack two of his employees for belonging to a particular tribe.

@HoraceUUP, who owns recreational establishment said that he will never hire anybody from the Yoruba tribe to work for him as a result of how Igbos were targeted and attacked in Lagos state over the weekend.

He said that the two who are members of staff will be paid off at the end of the month and he has made up his mind.

When Nigerians on social media tried to dissuade him from taking such harsh decisions he insisted that he will go ahead with his plan.

He wrote; “No Yoruba will ever work for me again. The two that are there already will be paid off by the end of the month. I’m hated and disgusted for being Igbo – a heritage I will wear a trillion times over. I like the hate and tribalism. Let’s keep it burning.

I don’t care!!! Let the fire burn. The company is mine and I sweated for it. I pay my taxes accordingly without ever cutting corners. So my mind is made up. Let’s all be mad and see who actually looses.”

In reaction, @RobLucciX1 said; I can’t tell you what to do…and I can’t condemn you neither. I am a delta man. I have seen with my eyes time n time again this same hate for igbos is acted out boldly and then some will apologize and we’ll all go bk to normal till the next time it happens. Do as you wish.

@mydeji247; So, now that your reaction to those who propagate hate towards innocent people is to also propagate hate towards other innocent people, what makes you different? You’re simply taking advantage of the current unfortunate situation to express openly the innate hate you harbour.

@urchyberry; I will do same if I am in your position. These people will laugh, eat and drink with you and hate you behind. Enough of tolerating nonsense!

@mzeezick; A Yoruba man who whenever he’s hungry my wife will give him foodstuffs stood to her face and told her an Igbo man will never rule Nigeria and dis man only child is 4m an Igbo woman My wife said she will stop I told her no she should continue giving him.Pls retaliate hate wit love

@jbolaifa; I vehemently condemn the hatred against the Igbos reported throughout lagos yesterday. But bro, you are a vile person yourself. Very very vile. Extremely vile and wicked

@ScentifiedInc1; Then what happens to the Yorubas who didn’t participate? Those who spoke against this hate. Those who protected their Igbo neighbors and friends? Why should they be recipients for what they didn’t engage in?

@tim_on_twetter; Boss, you doing that doesn’t make you better than any Yoruba person. Moreover why are Igbo people making this a Yoruba thing, when it’s obviously APC is the problem. You gave your Igbo people in APC too and Yoruba people are in LP too. YORUBA IS NEVER THE PROBLEM

@Sir_Aj3; Many of us were against what happened to the Igbos this weekend and the fact being that some Yorubas were victims as well. It might interest you to know that there are Igbos and other tribes working for the Lagos state government and some private ones. If we all go this path.

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