“It is wrong to marry a man whose phone you cannot have access to” — Pastor Femi Lazarus tells women

Pastor Femi Lazarus has advised the women in his congregation to not marry a man whose phone they cannot have access to.

He warned women against subscribing to the idea that for them to have peace they should not go through their husbands’ phone.

The pastor further explained that although he is at Ibadan, his devices is Lagos have his WhatsApp installed and his wife has liberty to see his chats.

According to him, many spouses should be accountable to themselves and have spiritual fathers or mothers who can call them to order if they go wrong.

Some reactions to the video below

oluwakemi._o said: “She can’t go thru your phone cos is private but u can go thru her private part hun??? Make it make sense.”

veronicasdaughter wrote: “Nothing pains me more than the teaching women are given. Ur husband phone be like onions, if u open am, u go cry. Akuko. So I can open ur boxers but not ur phone? Marriage never hungry una.”

asangba_jenny asked: “What do I need his phone password for? Special advisers everywhere”

damilola_a_ reacted: “Apostle Lazarus steady shaking tables. This generation is not ready.”

misshembe added: “I’ve never felt the need to check anybodys phone honestly.”

Watch video here…

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