It is not by force for me to support you, Eriyo Osakpamwan tells Obaseki


As Governor Obaseki invades Eriyo Borrow Pit, earth moving equipments moved to government house

Comrade Eriyo Osakpamwan, Executive National President of Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria ( RTEAN), on Monday told Governor Godwin Obaseki to leave him and his business alone saying that “it is not by force for him to support the Governor’s second term ambition.”

Comrade Eriyo Osakpamwan’s hotels and event centres before had also been shot down by Edo State government for months.

Recall also that Obaseki some time in 2019 threatened to deal with Comrade Eriyo Osakpamwan if he refuse to listen or support his second term ambition by revoking all the C of O on his landed properties within Edo State.

“As we speak, am not owing Edo State government money, few months ago, they closed some of my businesses, I paid heavily before they opened them, I was surprised earlier today that the Governor, Godwin Obaseki Invaded my borrow pit in Oba community with soldiers and policemen, forcefully removed all my working earth moving equipments and took them to government.

“I want to know if doing this will ever change my mind. I have said it severally, and I am saying it again that Obaseki will never get my support, may God also not let him get a second term, if he likes, let them go and bulldozer my private house, he still will not get my support” as stated by Comrade Osakpamwan Eriyo