“It feel like we’ve all been played by Mr Ibu and family, seems like a Nollywood script” – Actress Afro Candy reacts to Mr Ibu and family reconciliation

Nollywood actress, Judith Okpara better known as Afro Candy is still in disbelief that the marital drama between veteran, Mr Ibu and his wife, Stella Maris was real.

The controversial actress sees it as a stunt and cry for help, with the way they were able to resolve their issues within minutes.

Taking to her Instagram page, Afro Candy questioned if she was the only one who felt such way. According to her, the whole fracas seemed like a Nollywood script. However, she would still support him as he is their own.

Afro also sent a quick message to AGN to stop discarding veterans like trash.

“Is it just me or does it feel like we’ve all been played by Mr Ibu and family? Seems like a Nollywood script but you know what, let’s still support him he is our own! My Nollywood people should do better. Stop discarding our veterans like trash. This is a cry for help. We have to be there for him now he needs us! I don talk my own o!”.

She added, “Very classic one but it’s okay! I will still contribute for his upkeep!”.

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