It didn’t happen, i was there – Witness, Aisha defends Peruzzi


Aisha the lady mentioned by Peruzzi’s accuser has come out to defend the singer and clear his name from all rape allegations. The lady revealed that she was there and the singer never did such to the lady in question.

The singer went on Instagram live with the lady and they both addressed the situation on ground. Aisha clarified that they were in a relationship at the time till they parted ways. Aisha also said that she knows Peruzzi and he will never do such. She added that she was there and her friend was not raped as she claims.

“Please, I have a son that I’m bringing up and I will not want anyone to bring up any dead story that is not true about my son, “Aisha said in the video. “So I’m not even liking this at all. This is not a real story, like, it didn’t happen at all, like, I was there, it didn’t happen so please.” The “Majesty” singer also took to his Twitter page to clear out his name.