Islamic school teacher impregnates student and defiles many others in Kano

The Kano State Hisbah Board has summoned an Islamic school teacher in the state following complaints that he impregnated a student and sexually assaulted many others.

The school where the suspect teaches, which is located in the metropolitan area of the state, is owned by a late renowned cleric in the state.

According to the Hisbah board, the teacher, who is one of the sons of the late cleric, had earlier impregnated one of his students and was forced to marry her.

Speaking to Freedom Radio, the Hisbah board?s commandant, Sheikh Harun Ibn-Sina, said that the man did not stop there but continued to deceive his students in the name of love and defiled many of them.

Hisbah also confirmed that from the investigation they made, the teacher was alleged to have connived with his wife, whom he impregnated before marrying, thereby using their matrimonial home for the acts.

It added that after inviting the teacher, he revealed information that proved the allegations against him, noting that further investigation had commenced into the matter. He pledged that they would reveal to the public whatever action they took against the suspect.

Meanwhile, an Islamic cleric in Kano, Sulaiman Abubakar Sulaiman, has cautioned parents against allowing their children to stay longer after school hours and that they should always check their relationships with their teachers.

Speaking to Daily Trust, the cleric also urged students to avoid any teacher that proposed to be in love with them and report him to their parents and school authorities.

?This is the greatest betrayal; for a teacher to impregnate his students, not only in Islamic schools, even if it is in Western education schools. There is high respect and trust between students and their teachers, but these incidents have been happening these days,? he said. 

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