Isiagu Revolution: Nigerians Reacts As Popular Igbo Attire “ISIAGU” Is Now Abused By Youths And Kids


Many years Ago the Isiagu material was only meant for aged father’s and elders in Igbo land.

Among Igbo youths It was regarded as a local thing and something that was not tush.

That notion has changed today as the isiagu is no longer an old men’s affair
The isiagu is now styled and restyled to appeal to the younger generation and it seems to be working.

The isiagu is one of our key Igbo identifiers and we need more of our people joining the isiagu revolution.

Some argue that the isiagu is no longer as sacred as it used to be.

But we think what is the point of having a sacred Igbo uniform when nobody is wearing it.

The isiagu revolution is here to stay!
If you want a sacred Igbo uniform that small children will not wear or abuse go and get Ákwá ndị dibịa from the village.

What is your take on this? Check out the photos below.