“Is this what Nigeria looks like?” – Little boy expresses disappointment over airport crowd during his first visit to Nigeria

A smart little boy captured the attention of many as he asked his mother, ‘Is this what Nigeria looks like?’ just after arriving at the airport and seeing a large crowd.

In the video, the little boy appeared surprised as his mother inquired about his thoughts.

Upon noticing his shock, she asked, “What did you say?”

In response, the young boy could be heard asking, “Is this what Nigeria looks like?”

The interaction between the mother and her son sparked concern among many viewers, leading them to share their reactions in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

Ziggyver: “‎You don tell am say NEPA de tale light, make em no come de shout anyhow.”

David: “‎Fear catch the boy him see plenty mad people when they ok.”

ANUOLUWAPO OLUTOLA: “‎Tell am say them Dey take light anytime and bring am oo. Make he no Dey shout oo.”

yes_I’m_naveen: “‎He probably thought people were living on woods and trees in Nigeria.”

Ufomba Chinaza: “‎LoL very Hilarious but He suppose to ask because Nigeria khalas.”

Ted: “‎My son ask me, how did they get name this a country, I still couldn’t give him the answer since 2019.”

victorodogu: “‎guy boi wait until you police n naija hold up u mama go explain tire.”

Nash: “‎Noo, is what UK look like welcome home my boy.”

augusta ring: “‎senior bro., done mind your mummy country ,you will co.e east okay ,,the question off me i swaer.”


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