“Is this ritual?” – Young men dig hole on bare ground to eat fufu and soup (Video)

A video of some young men eating fufu and soup from a cemented hole dug on the ground has sparked an uproar online.

The video shared on the popular app, TikTok, captured the men eating with full concentration while gisting at the farm.

“As usual, we are in the farm. You can see the fufu, see meat. We are here”, one of the farmers noted in the video.

The clip has however gotten tongues wagging on social media as netizens condemned the farmers for being so unhygienic to eat on the ground. Some others claimed it could be some kind of ritual.

However, a few netizens came to the defence of the young men as they insisted that eating from a hole in the ground is a common practice in some parts of Africa.

@CMonroe said: “Love fufu but no way.”

@Divine Touch reacted: “Which kind of soup be this oo hmm.”

@omonsfloxy said: “Is dis ritual or what.”

@OB commented: “Where was the food before it was transferred into the rocks.”

@Femme_mysterieuse said: “Africa is Africa we are Africans.”

@Robinson Prince said: “What happened to the plate or pot.”

@Spiritual Knowledge reacted: “Brothers why not getting plantain or hygienic plant and eat on it dis is not safè.”

@Ben reacted: “What really happened here? I don’t get it.”

@Rafii said: “This is Africa my friend.”

@Bang Gas said: “This is how we eat in our area of east indonesia papua.”

@gothoeslikebrock commented: “Cooked in a pot. Eaten in dirt.”

@Mystiquaa reacted: “It’s our culture people. Stop acting dis way.”

Watch the video below:


Doing what our ancestors used to do most 😌🥩❤️

♬ original sound – Oscar

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