Is this Meghan Markle’s lookalike? Internet stunned to see the Duchess’s twin


The internet is convinced beyond belief that the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has a lookalike.

Netizens are taking to social media to cite how shocked they are to see a Missouri mom blogger and influencer bearing uncanny resemblance to Meghan, after she shared a photo of herself.

Named Akeisha Land, the woman has become an overnight sensation ever since she shared a sweet selfie showcasing her alongside daughter Greyson.

The blogger, currently taking the internet by storm, runs her daughter’s Instagram page, which is mostly filled with the latter’s pictures.

When Akeisha uploaded her own image on Monday, the internet immediately mistook her for the Duchess of Sussex. Not only does she have the same hair color as Meghan, but the two both sport soft smirks too.

“You very much look like Markle! Your beautiful! But let’s hope your as beautiful INSIDE! Your whole family are beautiful [sic],” one Instagram user commented.

“Even I had to sit here and say to myself… ‘ain’t that Meghan?’” another user wrote.