“Is there something people can learn from you as a celebrity?” – Angela Okorie asks her colleagues

Actress cum musician Angela Okoire has asked her colleague celebrities a few questions as to whether there is something that people can really learn from them.

Most people take celebrities as their role models and try to learn one or two from them in order to shape their lives and Angela Okorie shares her thoughts about that asked her colleagues as a celeb, is there something people can really learn from them.

According to Angela Okorie, if people take you as their role model they emulate some things from them hence Angela Okorie asked her colleagues to weigh into their lives and see if there’s something worth emulating in them.

Adding that as a celebrity, is there something in you that people who look up to you can actually learn or emulate from you, or do they just have to learn all the bad things some of them are showing us online and not being careful with their words too?

Some people might say celebrities are human or kids who look up to them should learn the good things they can over but as we all know these celebrities influence us easily with their actions and words hence most people turn to copy blindly.

Therefore, Angela Okorie is right because as a celebrity you naturally influence those who look up to you and they also copy so blindly because of the love they have hence there must be something that people can actually learn from you.

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