“Is something wrong with me? At 36 I’m not in a relationship, my younger sisters are getting married” – Single lady cries out

A 36-year-old lady has cried out on social media over being unable to get into any stable relationship at her age.

The lady identified as @beavonyi on TikTok lamented that her situation bothered her as all her younger sisters were already married.

While narrating her story, the heartbroken lady asked her followers if something was wrong with her.

She wrote: “At 36, not in a relationship and have no kids, while your younger sisters are getting married hit differently. The doubt crawls in. Is something wrong with me?”

Netizens insisted that nothing was wrong with her and obliged her to patiently wait for God’s time.

Tfresh40 said: “Nothing is wrong with you dear. be patient….you will meet the right person. but remember to position yourself in a good way.”

Pappydee said: “Age is just a number and you look pretty 26.”

@alexanderezerem5 said: “Look inwards and do self examination.Adjust where possible and leave the rest for God to do.”

@predestine home reacted: Excuse you, am 36 married (7Years)no kid what is the difference?”

Hakyme2 said: “No stress yourself o….we all didn’t write the same path in life.”

@user5813603903279 said: “Got married at 37…no child yet. my sister everything will be alright. believe!”

Watch the video below:


#tiktokviral #tiktokworld #tiktokafrica The doubt crawls in. God I need your strength.

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