Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Nigeria?

Nigerians simply love sports. The billion-dollar sports wagering industry is growing immensely with the blooming culture of football and other sports. Over the years, betting companies have emerged and you can spot people seeking safe and secure betting in Nigeria’s streets and its major cities. If you are thinking of beginning your new passion for gambling and betting as a resident of Nigeria, here are a few codes and coupons that may help you.

What is the Legal Landscape of Gambling in Nigeria?

Gambling in Nigeria is regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, the National Lottery Act of 2025, the Lagos State Lottery Law of 2004, and the Criminal Code Act of 1990. The commission has regulated the National Lottery Act of 2025 to legalize the lottery. Another law, i.e, the Criminal Code Act of 1990 also comes into the picture for those who are trying to pose illegal practices in the state. However, the Lagos State Lottery Law of 2004 is another act that oversees gambling activities.

Based on these laws, you are legally allowed to bet using land-based casino gaming platforms, and sports betting platforms. Meanwhile, games like Roulette, dice games, and unskilled card games are illegal in the state because of African laws’ regulations. Slot machines are also regulated in the country but only if the company or the shop has been legally licensed for the purpose.

What Kind of Sports Are Allowed in Nigeria for Betting?

There is nothing wrong with picking a betting site and trying it to understand the legalities and the level of the games that it offers. Herein, we have provided you with a few sports which you can legally bet on, in Nigeria:

  • Football
  • eSports
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Virtual Sports
  • Baseball
  • Handball

eSports and virtual sports are thriving platforms in the industry. Although they have been added at a later stage, they seem to be the permanent feature for most of the licensed sites. Virtual sports are running in the industry around the clock and utilize computer systems, giving you real-life events and benefits.

What are the Growth Factors enticing Nigerians in the Gambling or Betting Industry?


Technology enables micro-franchising and also pushes mobile and internet penetration in Nigeria. The use of mobiles, the internet, and stable networking facilities are driving people towards gambling and betting sites, increasing the number of betting shops being set up.

The Growth of Sports Broadcasting

The industry has successfully backed the support of the excellent broadcasting system. This has led to the live interaction of people within the sports industry.

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