Is John Dumelo’s “I Dey 4 U” About the people or about his selfish interest?


Ghanaian actor turned politician John Dumelo has been using the slogan “I Dey 4 U” on all his social media posts but one may wonder what he is on about.

The aspiring parliamentarian claims to have the interest of the youth and Ghana as whole at heart but his history dictates that he could be lying to the people.

John’s past dealings with women has revealed how easy it is for him to convince people especially women to do what he wants including parting with their hard-earned cash. Of course, he did tell them what they wanted to hear and one of alleged that he did promise marriage with another claiming they were actually married.

Most of the above were allegations but one girl did take it further when she filled a case against the actor for defrauding her of some money. The actor did pay the woman the money back which one might argue confirms the woman’s allegation.

Mr Dumelo is also alleged to have been given a V8 car by the then president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama even though he was not employed by the government.

He also plans to continue acting which on the face of it might seem bad, but a lot of politicians continue to work privately while in office.

All these allegations make the slogan by John Dumelo suspect and many people including me do believe in actions speak louder than words therefore time will tell if he has good intentions or not.

The Wahaala Boys on the other hand are torn with one of the hosts arguing that Moesha will be a better candidate than John Dumelo.