Is AKA trying to get back into Bonang Matheba’s good looks?


AKA and DJ Zinhle were a trending topic on Thursday after the rapper confirmed that rumours about their break-up are true. While Zinhle has remained silent about the split, AKA already seems to be moving on.

Not only was the Congratulate hitmaker allegedly spotted kissing another woman, but eagle-eyed social media users have noticed that he has started liking one of his famous ex-girlfriend’s pictures.

Several Twitter users took screenshots of a recent picture that Bonang Matheba shared on Instagram. One of the 53 000 plus people who liked the snap was none other than AKA.

Bonang and AKA were caught in a love triangle in 2015 after DJ Zinhle revealed in a blog post that her baby daddy was cheating on her with South Africa’s media darling. They both denied the affair claims but several months later it became clear that they were indeed a couple. AKA and Bonang’s romance fizzled out by December 2017.

Things started to heat up between Zinhle and AKA in mid-2018. Zinhle’s fans called her.

out for taking her cheating ex-boyfriend back, but the star was unfazed by all hate. Twitter users aren’t surprised that the couple have called it quits – again.

But really [you] guys couldn’t Zinhle see that AKA wasn’t that into her. I mean this guy cried for weeks when Bonang left him but with Zee on both break-ups he seems soo chilled. What’s the point of intuition if we never use it?” one tweep wrote.

One Twitter user said he saw the break-up coming a mile away. I started suspecting tension between #zinhle and AKA in December wen Zinhle was in Mauritius at the same time AKA was in Tokyo Seoul meanwhile kwesta and his family were in Zanzibar and boss zonkhe and his fam were in Bali #amafile,” the man wrote.

Zinhle’s fans said that she clearly loved AKA more than he loved her. Just last week, the Umlilo hitmaker commented “love you two” on a picture of AKA and their daughter Kairo Forbes. The thing is #zinhle loved #Kiernan and Kiernan loved himself, so nobody loved o Zinhle…,” one Twitter user wrote.