Irish lady calls out Nigerian ex-boyfriend after catching him in bed with another girl in her house (Video)

A heartbroken Irish lady has called out her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Demola Shiyanbola, for sleeping with another woman in her apartment.

In the video, she lamented about how Demola cheated on her severally while they were dating and which led to their breakup.

She also mentioned that he had been staying in her house for two years while they were dating and even after breaking up, she accommodated him for months since he had nowhere else to stay.

According to her, she had told him not to bring any lady he is seeing to her apartment for any reason which he agreed to.

Surprisingly, she caught him sleeping with a lady he met three days before in her apartment.

She said in part:

“So my ex-boyfriend Demola Shiyanbola, so I’m putting this up because I’m sick and tired of letting him get away with everything.

“After giving him 2 years of free accommodation with no rent while we were dating and when we broke up I allowed him to stay 6 months because he didn’t have anywhere to stay.

“But I also found out he was sleeping with a girl he pursued three days after, in my apartment, in my own house.” FULL VIDEO HERE.

Watch the video below:

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