Internet is the new market for all comedians –Helen Paul

Helen Paul

Comedian, songwriter and actress, Helen Paul, has said she is on social media because it is the platform to be for every comedian as that’s where the market is now.

She told a news medium that “There is no comedian that is not online now. It is a new trend. Also, every comedian wants to be on TV. Everybody is thriving to sell in the market.

Online is the platform to market yourself and let more people see you without necessarily paying so much for data. I don’t think there is any comedian that is not online.

Helen Paul also maintained that she doesn’t feel threatened by other social media comedians.

She said, “Whatever one fears in life, one would still end up facing it. I like enjoying myself and not interpreting rubbish. I love playing with the characters. I am not seeing anybody who is taking over or is there somebody seeing me taking over? I am just having fun because I enjoy making people laugh. I just do it for fun; not out of fear or anything.

Contrary to what some people think those female comedians are sidelined in the industry, Paul disagreed. “My male colleagues always invite me for shows. And not just me but Princess and Lepacious Bose as well. I have not experienced any gender discrimination but you know, in our society, there are some things women are not allowed to say or do.”

On what motivated her to get a PhD, Dr. Paul said, “You can’t compare me with anybody and I cannot do that as well. We all have different visions and goals. Right from time, I had one vision and it was in the field of comedy. My strength is comedy. I love to do either stand-up or any other form of comedy. I love to make people laugh all the way. Not everybody wants to get a PhD.

It’s all about what one’s interests are, there are successful tailors that I can never be like. They make clothes and are well celebrated, so everyone should follow their dreams and vision. It is not about comparing anybody.”