Interior decorator trolled by BBN fans for rejecting Tasha’s offer


A social media influencer took to his wall and stated the reasons he rejected Tasha of BBN offer for him to design her house.

According to him, Nigerian celebrities likes big names and brand, so working for her might not bring good results. Read him:

I have received several tags from Osaremen’s wall over Tacha’s twits about looking for an interior decorator who would help fix up her house. Under one, another person mentioned me again and I had given reasons why I wouldn’t want to show interest, not like i cannot handle the project but, I feel most celebrities are usually more particular about NAMES and BRANDS cos at the end of the day there should always be references to the big NAMES that delivered for them.

But then, If I have the opportunity to work for any Nigerian celebrity, trust me, as much as I’m aware I’m not into any competition with the other bigger names and brands in the Nigeria Interior industry, I’m certain that I will still blow minds.

There are just too much we have that we are looking for places and opportunities to explore but then, who would want to give you that huge privilege to be known and introduced into the world of Fame.

As an interior decorator, I know I have a long way to go, still. I have plans of acquiring a certificate in Interior decorations. I have plans for self development and to regularly be updated with the latest trends.

Like I said earlier, we will still get there someday. Rome was never built in a day. I’m already grateful by the relevance I get here and how you all make me feel every day. It makes me to always wanna do more.

So I was asked to make a post showing my interest about the job Tacha published with my Twitter account. Do you guys think I can make it? Do you trust I can give her a mind blowing delivery? Do you believe in me that much?