“Instagram is full of fake live here is the proof.”


Everyday we see many luxurious lifestyles on Instagram and we get swayed by it . Above is a lady posing infront of an expensive Ferrari that appears like a gift she got from someone. Well that’s what you might think .

But take a look at the second frame below

she is clearly looking at someone that seems to be shouting at her for being in the wrong place and this could only mean one thing

yea you guessed rightly, it’s not her car. She is clearly posing infront of someone’s car to take a picture and flaunt it as her own . She is even running away with the gift ribbon. This will show you how fake many people are on that social media platform. Many people there only show you what they want you to see. So do not be influenced by the flashy lifestyle you see there because most of the time it’s fake.