Inspiring story of Ade Adepitan, professional wheelchair basketballer, who married the woman of his dream (photos/video)

Wheelchair basketballer Ade Adepitan

Another Nigerian, Adedoyin Adepitan, has not only become successful, but he also beat the odds on his way and made them stepping stones to achieve every part of the things he wishes for in life.

Adepitan was born in Lagos and got infected with Poliomyelitis when he was just fifteen months old, a virus that affected the use of his left leg.

Due to his health conditions, when he was three years old in 1976, his parents had to move to the UK, a place they felt would be easy to raise a child living with a disability.

That decision would be very significant in his life as he was not only afforded an environment that aided his wonderful potentials, but helped him to become everything he wanted to be.

Ade would later play basketball for England and become a popular BBC TV host. According to his biography on his site, he discovered wheelchair basketball at the age of 12 with the help of two physiotherapists, Owen McGhee and Kay Owen, who were working on helping children learn how to be independent using sport.

At the age of 15, Ade competed in the 2000 Sydney Paralympics, and with the good media coverage the event got, he has a more robust profile.

Watch the video below:

Ade would go-ahead to represent Britain for five years after the Sydney Paralympics as he would later win bronze and silver medal at the 2002 and 2005 European championships respectively.

According to his brother’s speech on his wedding day, Ade had dreamt he would become a professional athlete, he did it. He said he would become a journalist, that he achieved too. His other dream was to marry a rock star, he made it by marrying Linda Harrison.

Linda is a beautiful singer, aged 28, whose stage name is Elle Exxe.