India records 1, 611 coronavirus deaths in one day


India recorded a total of 1, 611 COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday, raising the death rate in a single day in the country at 80 percent.

A day before, India had recorded less than 400 deaths.

With 153, 178 active cases, India is the fourth country with the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world after the USA, Brazil and Russia.

Brazil recorded 1, 123 new deaths, while the USA has 797 deaths and Russia !93.

India now has a total of 11, 921 deaths.

The Indian Council of Medical Research had earlier said it is continuously scaling up its testing facilities for COVID-19 by giving approval to government and private laboratories.

As of June, a total number 885 laboratories across India had been given approval to conduct the tests, including 642 government laboratories and 243 private laboratories.

More than 180, 000 have recovered from the virus in the country.

Nigeria has recorded 455 deaths and 17,148 cases of COVID-19. More than 5, 000 had also recovered from the virus in Nigeria.