In Nigeria, you are a pastor if you have a Bible and a microphone – Comedian Alibaba


Comedian Alibaba has said that Nigeria is a country where once a person has a Bible and a microphone, he can be identified as a pastor.

An excerpt of a post he shared on Instagram sees him saying one can become the founder of a church without having any serious theological formation.

Comedian Alibaba stated this amidst different Nigerian pastors dishing out prophecies about the coronavirus pandemic.

He wrote: “COVID-19 has also revealed to us that there are false prophets living among us. In a country where once you grab a Bible and a microphone you become a pastor or prophet or apostle, where you can become founder of a church without any serious theological formation, we have seen how some of our religious leaders have resorted to dishing out false prophecies. We have been treated to the cruelty of conspiracy theories woven by attention-seeking pseudo-apostles to nurture fear in the minds of people. We have seen how those who did not foresee any pandemic when, at the beginning of the year 2020, they claimed to be “prophesying” for Nigeria, now lay claims to have received a message”.