Immorality: Hausa Couples Prewedding Pictures That Got People Talking


Hausa people are known for their good moral behaviours and shyness in the past. This is attributed to their adherence to the teachings of Islam. But in recent years, immorality has replaced those behaviours and characters probably due to abondoning of their ancestors norms and values and adopting a western culture.

Before the 21st centuary, prewedding pictures are ony seen on TV and newspapers in Hausaland, but in these days, hardly a couple will get married wthout flooding social media with theor prewedding pictures sometimes trangressing the teaching of Islam.

Even yesterday, the prewedding picture of two couples went viral on social media and genrate mixed reactions. The two couples were seen kissing and hugging themselves in the pictures wich are completely prohibited in Islam without marriage.

The pictures generate condemnation from many people on the social media with some people saying that they will not even do the prewedding pictures when they are getting married.