“I’m the one that recorded the whole thing, i watched George Floyd die”, Danella cries


Danella Frazier is a teenage girl that recorded the whole video where Derek, the police officer killed George Floyd. In the following day, people gathered right at the spot with flowers and balloons where George Floyd was murdered. Danella was a girl giving a speech and broke out in tears even before she finished speaking. This is what she said and its so sad and emotional, well pictures from the video of her speech follow below;

Danella Frazier,” i was the one that was recording the whole thing, i’ve seen him die, i posted the video last night and it just went viral and everybody is asking me how do i feel? i dont know how to feel because its so hard bro. This man was literally right here 8:00 pm yesterday, i was walking my cousin to the store, and i just seen him on the ground, i’m like, what is going on? This man cannot f*cking breathe at all. Hes like, please i can’t breathe, i can’t breathe and they did not care. They killed this man. And i was right there! I was like 5 feet away! It is so traumatizing”.