I’m pregnant and don’t know how to stop my husband from breastfeeding, woman cries out


A woman whose breast is the main decider of fantasy in any sexual for her and her husband is struggling to wean her husband off now that she’s pregnant.

In a post to Slate News’ How To Do It, the woman is worried, making a decision to stop breastfeeding her husband is going to be very difficult.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been incredibly turned on by the fantasy of breastfeeding an adult consenting partner. A few years into our relationship, I mentioned it to my husband and he thought it was super hot, so we’ve incorporated lots of breast play into our (mind-blowingly fantastic) sex life.

I felt fine about this when I never thought we’d have children, but we recently realized that we do want kids and have begun trying. He’s very turned on by the thought of finally being able to taste my milk.

I’m equally turned on and mortified at the thought that it might mean I find breastfeeding my child to be pleasurable. Is it possible to compartmentalize this desire so it’s sexy with my husband and utilitarian with my kid? Or is it time to put this fantasy to rest, and tell him my boobs are off-limits until any future children are weaned?

Source: Slate