“I’m not getting married” – 25-year-old Nigerian lady reveals as she calls marriage ‘rubbi$h’

A 25-year-old Nigerian lady sparked discussions on social media when she declared childbirth and marriage ‘rubbish,’ tells her parents she would never get married.

In a post on TikTok, the lady showed her face in a video captioned: ‘Something I am not scared to admit as a 25-year-old Nigerian woman. Marriage and childbirth is rubbish.’

‘An average Nigerian marriage only benefits the men. A good marriage in Nigeria is measured by the amount of suffering the woman can endure.

‘Every girl prays that their marriage isn’t like their mother’s, but did their mothers not pray before getting married?’

Her statement attracted the attention of many social media users, who flooded the comment section with their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Self is magic: “Who would want a girl like you 😂😂😂look At you 😂average Nigerian men don’t want you.”

iphesi: “I was better and happy when I was single. As I marry na so my life scatter. if I call my mum to cry and complain, she will start reminding me of all.”

Jessiebarbie: “I don’t see a benefit of children or marriage and everyone thinks I’m crazy😭.”

M: “My sister just came straight from nigeria and said this exactly. She wants to have an IVF and not get married.”

Gigi: “marriage is sweet fir both parties when you marry well.”

UNISEX WEAR SELLER IN IKORODU: “my mum would say she is accepting the pains,so we re children won’t go thru the same,I’m going thru the same now 😫she say make I endure because of.”

Afolasade 🍀: “my sister make sure you have money ,get a baby and live your life ,use men !.”

Papito69: “That’s your side and your parent marriage, our fathers are good men to our mothers.”

Maa Mfantse🍿🦋: “I too love this generation, they will rather choose their happiness over pleasing the society. Self love 😫.”

L O V E _ N O X Y 🌸: “Y’all hate us when we say open your options , if you don’t wanna date outside your race atleast try other Africans which I doubt there’ll be a difference because all African ladies are crying same.”

Foskee_: “My marriage will be different 😂😂😂😂your mothers probably said the same thing 😭😂😂.”


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