I’m not bothered that senate under me was called ‘rubber stamp – Lawan

Senate President Ahmad Lawan has said that he is not bothered that the 9th National Assembly under his leadership was tagged rubber stamp assembly.


Speaking to the Senate Press Corps at the National Assembly, Abuja, on Wednesday, June 7, Lawan said despite misgivings by some Nigerians over the cordial relationship with the executive, 112 bills out of those passed by the 9th parliament were assented to by former President Muhammadu Buhari.


He also decried the high level of turnover of the members of the National Assembly after every election cycle, claiming that t is not good for institutional memory.


Lawan said; 


“The relationship between us and the executive has been described in so many ways. But everything has a price. If you don’t do well, it has a price but this National Assembly, no matter what anybody will call it, we did what we could to help the executive.

“We changed the budget cycle and to the glory of God we passed the budget before the end of December. It makes us feel proud. Former President Buhari assented to 112 bills. Some have come to reform our economy, the petroleum industry and the electoral process.

“We have done so many things in good ways and make our people happy, but as humans we must have done somethings that Nigerians don’t like, but on the whole, we did our work well. I am not bothered that the Senate under my watch was called rubber stamp.

“If wishes were horses, I would have loved that the turn over of lawmakers will be minimal. Each time, 70% are dropped, capacity development would start all over again, but that’s the choice of Nigerians.”

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