‘I’m all about the money…I don’t do things just for clout’ – Tacha slams Mercy as their ‘Beef’ is reborn


Mercy and Tacha are going to be rivals for the next 100 years, aren’t they?

This beef between the former BB Naija rivals is definitely going to last for a lifetime!

Recently, Mercy took a jab at Tacha and her fans whilst in London.

She said “All my haters are in Brekete Kingdom,”, a clear jab at Tacha and her Titans

But Tacha has hit back, taking a clear jab at Mercy.

In a recent video, Tacha said: “You all know I am all about my money… Like! I don’t be in places for FREE. I don’t do stuff to look good in public.”

That looks like she was mocking Mercy’s London trip as a useless trip because it didn’t make her any money.

Who fires the next shot in this beef? We can’t wait.