“I’m a woman; I have both medical and physical evidence to prove it” – Bobrisky continues to drag Verydarkman

Highly controversial transvestite, Bobrisky continues to lash out at Verydarkman as he claims to be a woman after undergoing many successful surgeries and would prove it if invited by the authorities.

Tontrends recalls that the social media critic, Verydarkman had expressed his confusion as to why Bobrisky isn’t serving a 14-year imprisonment for breaking the country’s law.

Verydarkman went on to allege that he is probably shielded by people who patronize his services. He claimed that some of the lawmakers and senators patronize his Bobrisky’s services.

Bobrisky replied him with his own rejoinder as he informed Verydarkman that there are two points he would like to draw his attention to.

The first is that he, Verydarkman, is very much guilty of the same thing that he is calling him out for. He recalled and shared video of Verydarkman speaking about giving his fellow man han.d jo.b.

The second, Bobrisky informed Verydarkman that if he is to be invited by the police, he can make his point to them, proving that he is now a woman.

He revealed that the has undergone multiple surgeries, all of them successful and geared towards turning him into a woman.

The self-styled Rich Mummy of Lagos revealed that he has both the medical and physical evidence to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that he is a woman.

Watch him speak …

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