I’m A One Man-One Woman Person – Nollywood Actor, Adeleke Abiodun


Adeleke Abiodun, a fast rising and talented actor is gradually gaining momentum in the movie industry. His role interpretation skills have stood him out among his peers; also one of the things that is giving him an edge in the industry.

In this interview with Kollymosh, he stated the oddest deeds his female fans have done to him, his embarrassing moments and his aspirations.

Excerpts Below:

For people reading about you for the first time, can you tell us little about yourself?

My name is Adeleke Abiodun, I am an actor, and a film maker; i grew up in Ibadan, I am the first child of three kids, I graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University where I studied Industrial and Labour Relations. That is all I can say about myself.

How would you describe yourself being an actor?

Actor is just a way of pretending to be what you are not for a while, my first movie was produced in 2012; titled ‘Eja Falana’, and also produced ‘Ile ewe’, directed by my boss; Ojopagogo, it was a great movie, it’s been so encouraging

Which movie would you say brought you to limelight out of these movies?

It wasn’t a movie produced by me that was ‘Executioner’, produced by Wale Raser. It was a great movie; I played the role of a younger brother to Segun Arinze.

Do you acts only in Yoruba Movies or both?

I do both, Executioner is an English movie, but I have featured in more Yoruba movies.

What would you say is the weirdest thing a female fan has done to you?

There was a time like that, different ladies just bump into my DM; asking to date me, but I am a married man, I don’t think I want to cheat on my wife, I am one man-one woman person. Most of my fans are female, I appreciate them because without them there won’t be me but, I put God first in everything I do.

I have seen one or two of your movies, your fashion taste is high, what informs your mode of dressing?

Even before I came into the movie industry, I was these kind of person that loves to dresses well, I take care of myself a lot, let me just say I am a fashionista. (General laughter)

If you were not an actor, what would you have been?

I would have be a business man; because I love business, right from when I was a kid, I used to follow my mother to her place of work, she was a business woman so I grew up to love her business but, with will of God; I am an actor today .

Do you have any stage name?

Yes, Don Show-Show, and I came about the nickname when I was in secondary school, I was a fashionista so people would always say I show a lot and from there, I took that as a nick.

What is your most embarrassing moment so far?

It’s been crazy, a lot of challenges here and there; like, going for an audition and you would expect them to call back but, they won’t; it’s kind of frustrating. So many things I cannot talk about now, it’s okay because you just have to take it.

What would it cost to produce a fantastic movie in Nigeria?

Before I came into the industry, I always say to myself that I want to make good movies. Though, it is not easy but the thing is before you can make or produce a good movie; you need fantastic actors, good directors and try as much as possible to get right locations for your movie.

Can you talk about your relationship with Ultra?

Ultra has been my friend, he is the people’s image; he loves to have people around him and caters for them a lot. He would always try his best to support your dream; he is a very understanding person.

Can you tell us about your family?

I have a daughter, she is 12-years-old, and I have a wife, she is a black American; she is a very good woman and been supportive.

What is next for Don Show-Show?

I have something cooking in the kitchen (laughs), I have a movie I am working on right now, it is going to be a very good one and I am very sure people will like it. I am having lots of fantastic actors on it.

Would you say you are satisfied as an actor or you are still aspiring to become a full-time businessman?

I am always happy to be an actor; while I was growing up, I always had this dream. Right now, it is no more a dream and even in my next life; I would love to be an actor