‘I’ll Rather Marry A Gay Man’- Lesbian Being Pressured To Marry Says


A Nigerian lesbian who has been pressured by her parents and another family member to get married has proclaimed she would rather marry a gay man than a heterosexual.

Apparently, her folks are not aware that she’s a lesbian and has been forcing to settle and raise a family since’s she is not getting any younger. The lady, identified as Liz, shared her predicament with NoStringsng.com in an interview.

She said:

“My family, especially my mother, has been on my neck to bring a man home for marriage. It is just too much to deal with. In fact, it was too much that I had to move from Lagos to Abuja where I had hoped to get some peace of mind.”

Liz told NoStrings that she has a particular gay man in mind, but they haven’t reached a firm decision to tie the knot.

Liz also revealed her intention of leaving Nigeria and relocate to a more viable environment where people like herself are warmly welcome.

“I wanted to leave Nigeria a few years ago. I looked for the opportunity to move out, but found none. I am now hoping to settle here and find a solution to my situation.”

So far, Liz says, she has succeeded in hiding her sexual orientation from her family.

“There was a time when my sister caught me discussing my girlfriend, so she went to my parents to expose my sexual orientation. But I denied it. My girlfriend and I were forced to swear on the Bible that I am not a lesbian”.

After the wedding a gay man, how will the babies come? Liz says she knows her solution won’t permanently solve all her problems.

“I really do not know how that is going to work, especially as I will also need children, but I really have to try.”