I’ll adopt technical, intelligence driven approach to tackle crime- New Kano CP


The new Kano State Police Commissioner, Ahmadu Abu Sani, on Monday in Kano, declared that his priority is to adopt technical and intelligence-driven investigation to tackle crime and criminality in the State.

Sani, who made the declaration in Kano, Monday, during his maiden press briefing, said: ”we will adopt all technical and intelligence-driven investigation, in our operations, in order to strike the criminals out of circulation, so as to discard the analogue system of policing in Kano State.”

According to him, the analogue police system is no longer tenable in this scientific World of curbing crime and criminality because all we are going to do is to approach the system that will conform, to the World best practices.

In addition to this, he said, his focus would be to  do away, with the analogue system of policing by bringing to focus analytical ways that would lead to the improvement of what we have achieved and what we are about to achieve in our operations, so as to make Kano safe.

Also, Sani explained that his administration would apply a lot the analytical prediction that will  always be based on crime analysis that would be put into the archives through making of the analysis that will enable us map out areas of subsisting crimes within the State and how to be able to contain such crimes through the prediction analysis, within a certain period of time through our action plans.

However, he warned criminals to be wary; stressing that he has declared war against criminals, as there would be no hiding place for any criminally-minded person in Kano.

Commenting on the worrisome rate of kidnapping, he said investigations is a process, while the law has specifically spelt out what the Police is expected to do, with the suspects during investigation, adding that whatever is to be done, the Police cannot be the judge, so, the only option is to move such cases to the court and leave the Judiciary to provide answers to the questions after our investigations have been concluded, so such cases of kidnapping would be left at the discretion of the courts.

Sani, who however expressed disgust over the high rate of drugs abuse, which has multiple effects in committing crime among youths, said the Police will apply all the necessary apparatus of investigation and intelligence to nip it in the bud and get all those involved in the crime would be arrested

In addition, he promised to overhaul the public relations Department of the Command, so as to improve relations, with the public, as well as conform to best global best practices