IK Ogbonna Spends More Than 3 Million Naira On Wife’s Birthday Present As She Turns 25


Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna really loves his wife of less than a year so much so that the model/actor showered his Colombian wife Sonia Morales with a bunch of Chanel bags and Christian Louboutin shoes yesterday as she turned 25.

According to the mother of one who took to Instagram to post the bags and shoes she received from her man, she had no idea he would be spending so much on the surprise gifts.

From the picture we can see he spent more than 3 million naira, considering the current exchange rate of a dollar to a naira.

He bought

Christian Louboutin Nude Pumps ($675)

A Chanel Boy Bag (retail price starts at $4300 USD)

2 Chanel Tote (retails at $2900 USD each – Total $5800)

Puma sneakers (price unknown)

He also booked her into a hotel for the night. (price unknown)

Cake (price unknown)



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