Igbos Goes Hard On Peter P.square (Mr.P) For Saying He’s An Untribalistic Nigerian


Peter of the defunct P.square duo who now goes by the name Mr.P has recieved lots of backlash from his fans,especially those from the south east after he shared a screenshot of a guy that asked him what he has done for his village people.

For me I think Mr.p misfired or rather his clapback was rather too lame because instead of answering the question the guy asked him about helping people in his community,he left it and started narrating how he was born and bred in north,married in west and how untribalistic he is.

The response didn’t go down well with his fans,especially those from the East and Anambra state precisely, they advised him to embrace his roots as other artists are doing.

Do you think Mr.p gave the guy a proper clapback or he shot himself on the foot?