“If you’re the owner of the black pant inside the bathroom, just throw it away” – WhiteMoney to Housemates


WhiteMoney made this statement during a general house meeting with the housemates.

Tega pointed out some of the dirty attitudes of the housemates especially concerning the use of the toilets.

WhiteMoney gave an example of a particular black pantie in the bathroom for days. He advised the owner of the pantie to throw it away. The person should not bother to use it again.

WhiteMoney went on to say, the housemates should keep their panties well because he doesn’t want to see their panties. And he also doesn’t want them to see his panties inside the bathroom.

WhiteMoney went further to give example of how Emmanuel washed his pantie kept it and waited for Biggie to open the door before spreading it on the dyer.

Some fans were of the opinion WhiteMoney must have seen something bad with the pantie for him to have reacted this way.

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