If your music is crap, just don’t bother – Clay


Bianca Okorocha popularly known as Clay is probably the most celebrated female rock artiste in Nigeria right now and I know you might want to ask, ‘who listens to rock anyway?’. A lot of people actually do and the ‘goddess of rock’ is a good reason for you to give the experience a shot. Her hit single, ‘Ogadisinma’ was well accepted even though the song was released as a first official single in 2011. She is very candid about the business of music when she says, ‘I don’t really make as much as I want to but I have found a way… I’m also a songwriter, I write for other people, I’m also a vocal coach.’ Apparently, when you know your onions, there is money to be made from music.

    Clay has been smart enough to have a rock band with which she tours in Lagos. Honestly, I didn’t know that there was such demand for rock music in Nigeria but she has an answer for that. ‘We play mostly for the expatriate community’ was the answer to my burning question. I imagine that this niche market actually pays well for these gigs. While talking about other Nigerian artistes that she listened to, the list included Teni, Tems, Fireboy,Joeboy and more. During my chat with her on ‘Celeb Stopover’ Clay educated me about the fact that there was a rock music scene even though it is ‘small’. In fact there are ‘rock festivals every year at the Freedom park’ in Lagos ‘and sometimes 15 bands perform.’

    Towards the end of the conversation, she emphasized the fact that she ‘would like the industry to have more structure…’ About young aspiring musicians, she says that ‘you have to be honest with yourself. If your music is crap, just don’t bother… If I were a radio presenter, this is probably why I won’t have time to play the song, because there’s so much to sift through. Please, if your your music is crap, just go back and work on it.’ Of course, I was very excited that this came from a music artiste for a change. Do you listen to rock music?