If you are a Muslim this heavy word of Sanusi will surely break your heart


The following is an excerpt from a speech made by dethroned former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II. And as characteristic of the incredibly articulate and intelligent man, he said some pretty thought provoking stuffs that must’ve pricked the conscience of the northern elites and their leaders as well as the average Northern Muslim who probably didn’t see their situation and living conditions as no big deal. Do go through the short excerpt and express your thoughts afterwards, this is food for thought for every Muslim, whether from the North, East, West or South of Nigeria.

“I am an Economist, I will always talk about Economy. We look at numbers, we look at poverty. If you look at all the poverty indices in the world today, you find out that in South-West Nigeria, the poverty rate is 20 percent. In the North-West, it is 80 percent. North-East, 80 percent! Why is it that the poorest parts in the country are the Muslims parts? Why is it that, in a state that started Sharia in 1999, how come that state is not the one that is the most educated state? How come in that state in 2017, only 24 students got 5 credits in secondary schools? How do we define Sharia? How do we define Islam? Illiteracy? Malnutrition? Children on the streets? We have to ask ourselves! And we can’t ask these questions until you begin to understand that we have to live in this world well in order to serve Allah after.”

“For Islam to prosper, we need educated Muslims. We need Muslims that are not begging. We need Muslims who are standing on their feet. Believe me, if poverty continues in the North, then Islam will disappear from the North. Poverty can lead to disbelief. Thesew children that we see as Almajiri and we laugh at them, and we treat them as victims, someday, somebody will just come and pick them up, give them education, give them medical care and convert them to another religion. And they would do that by the hundreds and by the thousands. Sp, what we see on the streets is a product of bad economy, bad policies and wrong priority. These children are not criminals, they are victims. What part of Islamic Law, what verse in the Quaran allows a father to give birth to a child and leave the child to go and fend for himself?”