‘If Tinubu wins, let it be known that Buhari didn’t help him win, Nigerians faith in him made it happen’ – Eniola Badmus states

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has again come under attack for showing strong support for APC’s Presidential Candidate Bola Tinubu.

According to Eniola Badmus, If Tinubu wins the election, its not because his party is the ruling party, its because of the faith Nigerians have in him personally.

Taking to her Instagram page, Eniola Badmus: “Let it be known that if Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu wins this election, it’s not because he’s party is the ruling party. It’s because of the faith Nigerians have in him personally. While Tinubu can boast that he was instrumental to PMB becoming president, PMB can not say he’s been instrumental in achieving Tinubu’s presidency. No one should later say Tinubu won because he’s party is in power. He is fighting his battle himself.”

Her post triggered lots of her followers who wondered why she’s bent on supporting Bola Ahmed Tinubu despite the backlashes she had been receiving.

It is no longer news that Eniola Badmus has been one of the many Nollywood actresses who boldly flaunt their supports for Asiwaju.

In 2022, Eniola Badmus hailed APC’s Presidential Candidate Bola Tinubu’s ability to touch his toes.

In what she tagged ‘Touch your toe competition’, Eniola Badmus teased that her choice of Presidential candidate, APC’s Bola Ahmed Tinubu is stronger and healthier than the others.

She displayed a picture of Bola Tinubu touching his toes without bending his knees and further insinuated that most of the youthful politicians cannot do same due to their health issues.

She wrote: “Touch your toe competition. Can your Candidate ever.”

This didn’t actually go well with some of her followers who didn’t hesitate to lash out on her.

Earlier in the year, the film star, in the comment section of blogger Tunde Ednut’s Instagram post declared her support for Tinubu.

Ednut had asked his fans to choose their preferred candidate for the presidency ahead of the 2023 election.

In response, Eniola Badmus commented, “Tinubu all the way.”

Her statement, however, came with a wave of backlash from Instagram users who hurled allegations at her.

“It can’t affect her when sugar daddies sponsor them. Nigerian bad economy can’t affect her,” Flora wrote in Pidgin.

Another user identified as Divine wrote in Pidgin English: “How much did you collect to betray the youth? So all your protest and show at end sars was a scam? How cheap can you be?”

Bright wrote: “You’re officially becoming one of the problems we are having in Nigeria.”

Emmanuel wrote: “Don’t forget about the Lekki Massacre of oct 20,2020. This your man was behind it”.

A user whose handle is named Amnicep added: “Supporting a man who killed many souls in Lekki massacre.

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