If the Presidency is by turn, it is my turn as an Igbo man – Peter Obi

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Mr. Peter Obi has explained why he wants to be President come February.

He said he is seeking office because he wants to build a new Nigeria where the populace are secure and productive.

According to him, those pushing the narrative that he was stingy were those who feel threatened by his commitment to enforce fiscal discipline in the use of public funds.

He debunked claims that he was stingy by nature.

Obi said this while speaking as a special guest in a programme at the Human Rights Radio popularly called Berekete Radio, in Abuja, on Monday.

Obi explained that the perception about him being stingy is his fiscal discipline in the management of public funds and those who lose out in the blockage of waste consider this as being stingy.

According to him, ordinary Nigerians have critical roles to play in the selection process of who governs this country and they can only do that through their Permanent Voters Card.

The LP Standard bearer said he is seeking to be hired by the real owners of Nigeria- the ordinary downtrodden citizens of this country who have suffered hardships in the midst of plenty.

He said he is seeking office because he wants to build a new Nigeria where the populace are secure and productive.

Obi also took time to explain to the listeners why it was important that the antecedent of all applicants should be considered before an applicant is considered for job placement.

The former Anambra State Governor used the opportunity to take listeners through his resume in the public and private sectors, said that having done it well in the past, he is well equipped to do better being the most qualified of all the candidates.

He said, “Saving money is not in the constitution of Nigeria but my Presidency will change our sharing mentality to saving and production mentality.“

On the issue of corruption, Obi promised that if elected, he will draw the line and face the future as he would not close shop to chase thief although he noted that the looters would not be allowed to go free.

He equally described nepotism as a huge corruption especially when leaders pick unqualified persons who maybe of the same family with him and allocate land and contract papers to them.

Obi disagreed with a questioner that when people enter office like President or Governor the office changes them, instead he said that money and power expose who such persons really are.

The candidate further explained that Northern Nigeria is the nation’s new gold mine and oil this, he explained can only become a reality when the right people like himself and his running mate, Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed are given the chance to unlock Nigeria’s potential.

He said, “The poverty in the country can only be tackled through production and it’s only through it crimes and criminalities can be reduced. Those bandits are factory workers who are doing nothing.“

Speaking about the thorny issue of the Biafra agitation, Obi declared that “the Biafra war ended 52 years ago and that is the position. I am a Nigerian and running for President as a Nigerian.

“If the President is to be given by whose turn it is, as an Igbo it’s my turn but I am in the race as a Nigerian wishing to be hired based on my track record, competence and capacity.”

He expressed regret that Nigerian leaders have not shown sufficient compassion for the plight of the ordinary people they govern.

Obi described such people “are annoying God by turning grace into entitlement.“

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