“If the people that really need this money ask you now, you won’t give them” – Toyin Lawani tells those sending money to Davido as he exceeds his 100million target

Fashionista Toyin Lawani has chide those sending money to Davido after exceeding his target of 100M saying some of those sending the money won’t give people that really need it when necessary.

Davido has just proved to the world that he’s been loved exceedingly after receiving 109M from his friends and loved ones within a day but Toyin Lawani has a different perspective to all this on the gram.

She posted saying some of the people sharing money up and down will not have given people who really needed it if they were asked saying Davido gives a lot and deserves it no doubt but people she’s referring to with her post knows themselves.

Toyin Lawani then added that even females can’t ask for money from men without them wanting to sleep with them first as she gives example of how Pretty Mike Of Lagos gave her some amount of money just like that without even asking for it.

Toyin Lawani then called on men to send their female friends some amount of money without having to ask for anything in return and her statement chiding those who are sending Davido money but won’t give those who really need it seems to come out of experience with some of these people.

Screenshot below;

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