If being wealthy will make me forget about God, I don’t want it – Actress, Stella Damasus

Veteran actress, Stella Damasus has recently stated that she does not want any amount of money from God that will make her to forget Him in any way.

The actress made this known while narrating how people reacted with shock to the prayer she said. Stella Damasus stated that she told God not to give her the amount of money that will make her to neglect Him or fail to acknowledge His presence in her life, but people could not relate as they disagreed and stated that God should give them so much money.

She stated that it takes one who is a believer to reach a certain level to be able to say such a prayer and the level she is at the moment requires her to put God first in everything.

She said: “He will bless me with a lot of money, but if whatever I receive will make me turn my back on him or make me forget him, I don’t want it. It takes someone to go through a certain level or go through some certain things in life to pray that kind of prayer…” See video

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