If she’s Cardi B, I am Wendy Shay – Angry Wendy Shay laments after Cardi B ditched Ghanaian celebrities


Having arrived in Ghana for her first show in the motherland, a host of Ghanaian celebrities were at her hotel for a ‘meet and greet’.

According to the celebrities, organisers of the concert Cardi B is in Ghana for, invited them for a one on one date with the American rapper.

Cardi B, however, not show for the meetup and instead posted on her Instagram stories enjoying some kebab at the poolside of her hotel.

The celebrities who had waited for so long started to register their displeasure in a series of posts and videos on social media.

Wendy Shay, a Ghanaian musician took to her Twitter page to rant about the situation.

She wrote.

So you guys called us to come have a one on one lunch date with @iamcardib and she has been chewing kebab for 7 hours in her room without showing up.

What do you guys take Ghana celebrities for? This can never happen in Nigeria. Wake up Ghana! She is Cardi B and I am WENDY SHAY!”

The post has since attracted attention on social media with over 4.6K likes.