“If She’s A Mother, She’s Going To Jail” Nigerians Reacts To Mother & Child Smoking Shisha (Video)


Everyday unbelievable and unexpected things happen on social media, as people especially the young women do almost anything to trend on social media.

According to Twitter user BossTola who shared the video, he said the woman deserves to be arrested.

See what he said:

“Forget about #slimcase pastor adeboye fadeyi iphone 6.

This lady deserve to be Jailed for misleading this Kid.”

He wrote.

Reacting to the video, another user reply:

“This girl is obviously molesting that childWeary faceWeary face if he can know how to grab her face and pour smoke into her mouth, what else na

“Tell me, when a man can give this kind of a lady belle, what do u expect? I will always say this, avoid spoilt ladies, there a millions of them out there, who smoke and drink. Avoid them like nigerian sars”

Even Nigerian Actress Olayode Juliana reacted to the video the lady and her underage son smoking Shisha.

She said:

“I have a terrible headache right now, I know we have Corona to worry about but seeing this makes my heart ache, I can’t even express how I feel in words right now…………Please @amazonmercy has a cash prize for who can help me locate her… Please share this video if you can, this girl must be found!!!!!!!!!!”, she captioned the video.” she wrote.

See video below;