“If my wife can’t do my laundry then I’d rather marry a fellow man” — Man makes shocking revelation

Kenyan man leaves many mouths wide open as he promises to marry a man if his wife cannot do his laundry for him.

The young man made the shocking post which he shared to his account on the microblogging platform, X, @its_mokaya0.

Despite the recent news of women who do not want to wash clothes of their husbands, he believes his wife must do so on his behalf.

If she refuses, he claims he will marry a man instead and they can bond over many interesting things such as football.

When advised to just buy a washing machine, he states that even the machine needs to be handled by somebody and that person cannot be him.

See the post below……

See some reactions to his jaw dropping post

@olesijackie wrote: “You don’t need an excuse to marry a man. Times have changed just do you, don’t blame women for this.”

@arrtnem observed: “Choosing a partner based on their ability to do laundry seems a bit narrow-minded. Sharing common interests like football is great, but relationships thrive on mutual respect and understanding, not just chores and hobbies.”

@Toomey_Turmett claimed: “The only interesting thing in women is seeing them care for you tireless, make sure you are clean and you eat well. If she can’t do any of that then she ain’t worth entertaining.“

@SugargirlRah advised: “Come out of the closet, don’t worry the world is more accepting now”

@ChantellePetit added: “Marriage is for companionship & partnership not for chores.”

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