“If it makes you happy buy it” – Anita Joseph reacts as Reno Omokri’s advice against buying iPhone 13, advising fans to use the money for investment


Actress Anita Joseph has contradicted the advice of Reno Omokri against buying the iPhone 13 saying if it makes you happy and you can afford, buy it.

Reno Omokri just in his usual attempt to prevent the youth from doing so many mistakes advised them against buying iPhone 13 saying nobody on earth needs it as it’s a status symbol, therefore, don’t let peer pressure rob you of your real treasure.

According to Reno Omokri, if your old phone works, you should use it because you don’t need a new phone but rather a new investment sharing his idea of the kind of things one could invest the money to buy the iPhone 13 in and earn more and not impress others.

But actress Anita Joseph seems to be on a different page when it comes to spending so much money on the latest version of the iPhone asking fans to forget about Reno Omokri’s advice and buy it if it will make them happy and they can afford it.

Anita Joseph seems to see nothing wrong with buying the latest iPhone which costs a lot of money as Reno Omokri and a few others see it hence asking fans to buy it if only it will make them happy and when they can afford it.

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